Night Club Africana Amalfi Coast - Praiano


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Night Club Africana

Night Club Africana Amalfi Coast - Praiano


For those who want to spend a completely different and enjoyable evening, there is the Night Club "The Africana" the most famous nightclub on the Amalfi Coast.

Two big caves overlap just above the sea, the big dance floor is covered with plates of glass where the underlying sea is seen along with the stalactites and the stalagmites that are illuminated with iridescent reflections.

Local fishers come in during the most frenzied peak of the dancing, and dredge a sinkhole in the edge of the dance floor with nets, pulling up bountiful catch of seafood for consumption in local restaurant. The contrast of new-age music which often arrives here by boat.

The Africana, offers live music with orchestras and international shows.




P.S. For those who are concerned about the noises that may be heard from the nearby nightclub, we would like to reassure you that the hotel has no disturbances, due to the fact that the club is completely set into the cave and is situated approximately 300m from the hotel.
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