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Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2003
Nome_:__ = Mickie
Cognome_:__ = Lloyd
Cittą_:__ = Sausalito
Provincia_:__ = USA
Stato_:__ = California
Commento_:__ = Dear Miro,
My husband & I have been home from our trip to Italy almost 2 months now but my thoughts and memories of the Onda Verde & the Amalfi Coast are still fresh and warm in my mind and heart.
We were with another couple when with you and none of us could ever remember being so well taken care of - from you arranging for Andrea to take us out in his boat several times for wonderful swims in that incredibly clear, gem-like blue water, to having taxis waiting for us, to arranging a cooking class for us - not to mention the wonderful meals.
All my life I'll remember opening the French doors just at sunrise and listening to the fisherman rowing out to his boat, singing opera with his head up to the sun.
Thank you so much for everything you did for us and to Gennaro and Sofia. The Onda Verde is such a special spot - not just the views and the food which are spectacular - but you made us feel so much at home.
Last weekend we had some Positano lemoncello out of your glasses and thought of the view and of all of you (...but the lemoncello wasn't nearly as delicious as your Onda Verde home-made lemoncello).
We'll come again another year.
Best wishes to all of you from Mickie & Doug Lloyd in Sausalito

Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2003
Nome_:__ = Bonnie
Cognome_:__ = Ribet
Cittą_:__ = Flossmoor
Provincia_:__ = USA
Stato_:__ = IL
Commento_:__ = Miro and Sophia,
Sorry for this late note!  We had a wonderful time at your hotel last July. The view is simply magnificent and our days were filled visiting all the different towns! We'd love to come home in the evening to the Onda Verde for a delicous dinner.  Everybody guests and employees were so friendly and helpful!! Your hotel is a truly a gem and we hope to return soon! Ciao! Bonnie and George

Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003
Diane Sciuto - Marstons Mills - Usa
Provincia_:__ = USA
Stato_:__ = MA
Commento_:__ = A brief note to thank you for a wonderful vacation. Superb services, food, ambiance,cleanliness, beauty and tranquility. In all my travels (which are varied & many) the Onde Verde stands out as my favorite. I thank you for your hospitality and can't wait to return! Diane Sciuto 9/03

From: Ed Catania
To: 'Hotel Onda Verde - Amalfi Coast'
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003 6:39 PM
Subject: Onda Verde


Finally, I have time to write and tell you that Debra and I had the most relaxing and enjoyable time with you. Onda Verde, as I said, is like "finding a lost diamond." Everyone there was courteous, caring and very attentive with all our needs. Waking every morning in our room and seeing that spectacular view will forever have a tranquil effect when I become overly stressed with work.
Growing up in a Sicilian famliy, I am very fussy about my Italian food, but after our first dinner, the food was prepared exactly how I would prepare it. The quality and quantity were just right. You have a couple of "Maestri" working there. The service was exceptional, Gennaro is a jewel and be sure I said so.

Finally, I have passed on your brochures to my cousin with great enthusiasm.
Best to all and we look forward to returning again on the way to Sicily!


Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2003 1:33 AM
Nome_:__ = Sonja Lutz
Cittą_:__ = Belle Glade - Fl - USA
Contact_Email =
Commento_:__ = On a ten day driving tour through Sicily and the Amalfi Coast, Onde Verde was by far the most accomdating and satisfying visit we paid. The view was gorgeous, the meals fantastic, and the sevice extraordinary. I only wish we could have booked for several days, but alas, the reservations were filled. So book early! This is an extraordinary experience and a bargain concerning the price. This is my most beautiful memory of Italy.

Caro Miro (e Gennaro!),
Thank you so much for letting my mother and I experience your slice of paradise. It was a refreshing escape from my Roman summer, and an extraterrestrial escape from my USA life! The majesty of the cliffs, the color and vastness of the water -- the view as a whole -- reminds me of the true meaning of incredible!!! And then there is the grand hospitality shown by you and the ever-gracious Gennaro (Lavoro, lavoro, lavoro! Sempre lavoro!). After visiting with you, in Praiano, our peek at the ever-famous Positano was only a let-down.
Grazie mille e baci,
Malka Resnicoff - Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003

My daughter Malka has already sent her comments and photos. All I can add is that you have managed to run a hotel that is filled with the warmth of staff and guests- it seems as if the place casts a spell so the longer you stay,the longer it is hard to leave.  I feel so lucky that we discovered the Onda Verde!
Barbara Shore - Sent: Friday, July 18, 2003

Nome_:__ = Nancy
Cognome_:__ = Lacey
Cittą_:__ = Boston
Provincia_:__ = USA
Stato_:__ = MA
Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2003
Commento_:__ = What can top an unbelieveable view, great service, delicious food, and wonderful local wine? The Onda Verde offers all of these things within the beauty of a small, peaceful town. For our honeymoon, we searched every available hotel guide looking to spend a relaxing week on the Amalfi coast. After nearly booking in both Positano and Amalfi, we came across this website and chose to land in Praiano. We were most fortunate in discovering the Onda Verde. Our views were the most breathtaking we had ever seen and every aspect of our trip was nothing less than pleasant and relaxing. Mille Grazie!

Let me start by saying that I normally do not leave commentary about places, but the Onda Verde is not just any place...everyone there is warm friendly and charming.  The views are truely breathtaking.  Picture opening your balcony door to your own "private" vista with fishermen below whistling and singing in Italian.  It was too perfect to be real.  The food is superb...delicious and so fresh!!  The location is so convenient to Positano and Amalfi and after dealing with tourists all day there was no better place to come back to.  I highly recommend the Onda Verde and the next time I visit the Amalfi Coast I will be staying here.  Safe travels to all...
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 - Heather Findlay - New Haven - USA


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